At Crumbs Baking Co, we understand that allergies can be very severe and we want you to know that we do not process milk/dairy, eggs, peanuts, or tree nuts in our kitchen. We try our best to select ingredients that also have not been processed on equipment either.  However, some of our providers are not dedicated nut free facilities.  We understand that manufacturers may change processes so we do periodically re-check but cannot guarantee their processes have remained the same. 

We take pride in our completely vegan baked goods, in our bakery you won’t find any animal products, refined or hydrogenated oils and we always try to use organic ingredients or ingredients that are as natural as possible. 

Although do offer items that are made without gluten, we are not a dedicated gluten free facility. Even though we try our hardest, having separate mixers, utensils, pans, tables, and covered marked displays, we cannot guarantee that cakes and cupcakes made without gluten have not come into contact with something containing gluten or that could be contaminated with airborne gluten. 

We love coconut and we bake with it. Coconut milk is one our favorite items and we use in the majority of our products. Be advised that even though we would like to call ourselves “nut free” we cannot, because the FDA consider coconut a nut. This will be the only nut we use. 

Although we offer a variety of allergy friendly treats, all of our products are processed in the same home kitchen so there is a small risk of cross-contact. If you have a specific allergy or would like more information about our processes or ingredients, please feel free to contact  me and  I will be happy to help you.




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