Is your bakery peanut free? 
Yes we are 100% peanut free.

Is your bakery nut free? 
We cannot claim to be “nut free” because the FDA categorizes coconut as a tree nut. We use coconut in many of our products. This is the only nut we use. 

Do you use any seeds? Sunflower, Flax or Sesame? 
Yes we do for some of our products. Flax meal and chia seeds are the most used, but we have a few items using SunButter (made from sunflower seeds). Sesame seeds are not in our recipes, however, we do use a vegetable oil blend which is Top 8 Free, but have no information on sesame from the company.   


Do you use Hydrogenated fats, margarine, oils? 
No. We don’t use hydrogenated oils or margarine. 

What gluten free flour do you use? 
We two different flour blends, depending on the order.  Bob's Red Mill 1-to-1 Baking Flour or Better Batter Gluten Free Flour (which is Top 8 Free). 

What butter or oil do you use? 
Depending on the recipe we use soy free Earth Balance buttery spread and coconut oil. 

What do you use to replace eggs?
We use several types of replacers.  Vinegar, a mix of starches (potato and tapioca) or flax meal. 

What do you use as milk replacement? 
We mostly use Good Karma flax milk or canned coconut milk.


What chocolate do you use? 

We use Enjoy Life Foods chocolate chips and Nestle's Simply Delicious Allergy-free line. 

Do you use artificial colorings? 
To achieve some colors for special decorated cakes we use synthetic food coloring. Natural food coloring is always available upon request. Our cupcakes contain no artificial food colors or dyes except the red velvet. 

Do you use corn? 
We do corn starch in a few of our sweet products.  In the baking powder and some of our jellies (strawberry, raspberry and blackberry) there is small amounts of Non GMO cornstarch. 

What other Ingredients do you use?

  • Organic oats and organic unbleached  wheat  flours

  • Organic unbleached cane sugar (vegan)

  • Organic powdered sugar (vegan)

  • Organic, fair-trade cocoa powder

  • Organic fruit for our fillings, frostings, and cakes

  • Organic, fair-trade palm oil for cookies, brownies, etc.

  • Sustainable palm shortening for frosting

  • Organic spices

  • Real Vanilla extract

  • Canola Oil (non-GMO)

  • Organic gluten-free oats



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